• Delivery

    The shipping costs per order are 4,00 € in Germany. For orders from countries of the European Union or from Swiss there is a charge of 7,50€ per delivery. Orders above 350 € are free of carriage charges.

  • Contact (Service - Hotline: + 49 9631 2603)

    You can always contact our team for futher information about our products or your order.

  • Payment Conditions

    As a regular customer you receive an invoice including the terms and conditions with the delivery. As a new customer you will receive your delivery after a payment in advance

  • Buy your buttons online

    Our web shop can be seen as an alternative to a sales visit at your place. We are deliviering our products in every country!

  • How to order and register

    You can find the detailed order - process in our customer information. We can help you with the registration process. Please contact us.

  • No minimum order value

    Buy buttons easily and flexible at any time according to your needs! There is no minimum order value.

  • Flexible order quantities

    There are only small minimum order quantities.